You're not alone

by Langdon

Everyone says you need to blend in
Everyone should be their own kind of splendid
When you're in a crowd
you are feeling all alone as if everyone is staring at you
You should be standing their proud you are representing uniqueness and not trying to fit in
When everyone does the same as others and you are being yourself
You may not have many friends
But you are not alone
Oooh noo
You are special to the bone
Somewhere in the world their is someone else feeling more pain
But everyone is focused on if you are insane
You are not alone
You are special to the bone
If you have a talent you must show it
If you are unique you must not try to control it
You may have a tough life
But you are not alone
Oooh noo
You are special to the bone
Soon you will have everything you ever wanted and more
No one will ever think you are a bore
Nooooo you are not alone you are special to the bone
People can't let you down because you are braver than a town
You may be different but that is okay because you are not alone

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