Your Eyes Smile

by Yasmine Shafik

Your Eyes Smile.

Verse 1

when our eyes first met
it was as if we were meant.
& whenever your with me
my lungs tighten up, I'm unable to breath
& i cant believe
you & i are together, its a blessing that
we were meant to be
you indulge me in your style when you Let your eyes smile


i cant get you out of my mind
for when your gone you leave your love behind;
cuz you and i have a stong bond,
of love & im not wronged at all(at all)

so we'll never break apart
i knew it from the start
it's a dream come truee,(so true baby)
we belong together like floor tiles
& you captivate me when you let your eyes smile

2nd verse

your smile is contageous so sweet (oh so sweet)
and your eyes are much of antique;
you've become my new obsession
i hope there's no suppression
in our love
'cause i really want & i up above
no matter what, i'll be the wind beneath your wings
i will always help you fly, i hope our love never dies.


3rd verse

now that I have you by my side
it's like my biggest wish has arrived
every time i look in your eyes.
i wouldnt trade that for any amount of dimes
so let your eyes take the role of your smile
indulge me in your style, Let your eyes smile (:

- Yasmine Shafik <3 *

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