Your Burden

by Christian DeBolt

I am to sworn to carry your burden
For how long, I don’t really know
By the Jarl’s command
I’ll stay by your hand, to protect you

Facing hordes of Draugrs and Dragons
While loaded with goods from your looting
I’ll unsheath my sword for you
I’ll put up my shield for you
Though sooner or later I’ll die

I don't really know to stealth things
For a Khajiit, I not really am
Stumbled over that pot
I let off a shot
Of my bow

{I’m pretty sure they saw that}*

I am sworn to carry your burden
Bones, logs, armor and jewels
With a wave of your hand
I’m sent off to my utter doom

Climbing is not exactly my forte
Down slopes, I can’t really do
While you traverse the river
I’ll look for a bridge
To get to you

You’re taking your stuff back from me
My favorite sword, you’re taking that too
You take off your helmet
And point with your hand
Towards the open door

I was sworn to carry your burden
Free from your clutches I am
By your own command
I’ve left your hand, lord thank you

*words in {} are spoken normally

This a song about your followers in Skyrim, and all that they do for you.

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