You get what you take

by Kimberly Ferguson

You get what you take
You are making a mistake
You chose to date him
Now you hate him
You want to forget him
I knew you would regret him
You will grow
Then you will know
Next time take it slow
The signs always show
Now he has to go
Learn to say no
If you want to be free
You have to see
Who is the best man for me?

Don't ever move fast
It won't last
Never repeat the past
One day you will see
Whose the best man
For me
Love who you are
If you want to get far
You chose to date him
Six years later
You hate him
A man you didn't really know
Next time move slow
Ladies the signs always show
Learn to say no

Don't date him
Take time to date
Say I will wait
Or it may be too late
It's best not to date
For a while
Spend time with your child
Keep men away
Just pray
It may happen one day
Live well
Many women go through hell
And never tell

I refuse to be one
I am focusing on my son
Those days are done
I don't want none
Made mistakes
It was the ones I used to date
Now I don't conversate
I wait
I don't date

Had to learn the hard way
Now I say they to should
Walk away
Never stay
Choose to wait
Before you date
Or choose your mate
For you make a mistake
And regret him
You wish you never met him

Don't repeat the past
It won't last
You get just what you take
Think before it's too late
Close the gate
You choose your fate
Now you hate him
When you chose to date him

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