You dont't know me

by Jinx

No one truly can know how I am

Cause my personality is always the same

But on the outside, I’m a different person because

I don’t know how to handle things that are rough

People keep making my choices for me

I want to be my own person I want to be

But as far as I can see you don’t know me that much

That much…

So I’ll play on and try to be tough

There are a lot of things about me

That no one knows

There’s a lot of stuff inside me

That bottles up

I try to explain but no one gives me a chance

When will someone, anyone, and everyone

When will someone know the truth? About me

When will they see I keep trying to be me

I don’t know who else to be

I try to be the person you make me be, yeah but

I’ve had enough…I give up

I’m gonna be who I want to be

This time I’m no longer me

There’s a lot that no one knows

There’s a lot that no cares

There’s something that only I can see

That no one else can

I can be who you want me to be

But on the inside, I’m still me

That’s all right, isn’t it?

I’ll try and prove you wrong

In this song, I will…be…

I can only…be….me

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