You Did Me Wrong

by Mariam Baulus
(Phoenix, Az, United States)

Said I'm so sick of love songs so tired and stressed
. I met you years ago you were wow, kinda hard to get my eyes off you so I chased you for a while
but little did I know you was a only gonna break me.
When we was good we were good but when push came to shove you changed up on me.
I remember the nights we'd stay up and talk but lately all we do is fight.
It's kinda funny how you recked me made me feel bad for all the things you did.
It was like a mind game being with you.
I remember when you left me,
chose everybody over me,
trashed talk on me
but I was a fool i was still so down for you
defending you lost friends for you
went through hell and back for you but you couldn't see it now you lost me
and I promise you baby you'll compare everybody to me because nobody's gonna love you like I loved you. Everything you said was a lie
moved on in a couple of hours like wow
how was I so stupid crying for you.
I remember your last words "I hate you " "I hope nobody loves you " "girls finna play you "
your words cut deep but your actions cut deeper,
I love you but I hate you I don't even know how to feel about you
you messed me up in the head and now I feel dumb for ever being with you

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