Y0ungCB - Never Be

by CB

Infinity am here niggas know that's a "Tragedy"
Wanna ride out let them pussios Remember me
Jump on the grind
Bad call her "Stephanie"
Ringing up my phone yeah she want me keep her "Company"
Came up slow 1k I call it "Victory"
Niggas always hating I don't keep that on my "memory"
I'm tryna get this cake I'm grinding hard
Allow the "fuckery"
Basic face it tryna be main chick
Shoes on my feet white socks I put em laces
Set backs fall back let me do the Matrix
Like me or hate me
Hatred never face me
Heart broken x10
I bet you feel rejected
Never be accepted
Chilling in my zone never saying names Either
Never own shit hating on me like am prado
Click bang skr no play am on a bravo
quavo , Chavo I'm tryna get this cake tho
Batches wanna holla cos a nigga doing Rhyno
Never say shit , fire shots are your angle
We the best boys I'm the main never side tho
dc4 meek mill call me the brave tho
Say it if it's real keep the haters on a lean it ain't never selling dreams keep it real 19 fire shots up right fam leave a nigga I'll I'll leave a nigga cycho

She gave it two weeks but I hit it one might tho
Never be a side man
21 prano
Say she never tweak but she did it for the gram tho
Done it for fans tho
Do it for the gram hoe
F.A.M I give no call or text
They wanna holla man
I put the hoes on deck
I gonna say it loud I put my mic on check
Nigg fuck what you heard ,
Keep it 1010

Now back to haters
Dem niggas never liked me
span so long nigga longer than a milage
21 savage 24 carnage
Certified blade , CB I'm on a outrage
Wanna blow up let a brother scream outbreak
Earthquake , Average
Never get outraged
Certified blade niggas hating but they average 2

Back now , flexing you know am on a next ting
Niggas dem clapped tryna talk about peng things
Never snitch out if it's beef am always riding x2

Now F that bitch
She was on my d
She was rough like week like TLC
Next day come back gave her MOT
Hating on me I'm a nigga you will never be 2x

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