Wrongful Stride

by sirfolsom aka Rion Gilliam
(Kingsport TN USA)

Do not wanna hide who I am

Felt that moment happen on 9/11
Was already asking what the fuck is a heaven
It gets real fucked on that flight number 93
Had not 1 member of a real family
These lyrics with beat and intellect take breath
This kinda truth more dangerous then meth
Lets go back 8 months before
Game hadnt started but CIA already knew the score
Yeh that means the events was already known
(Bush watched the 1st plane crash) almost blown
Go ahead say that shit about support our troops
Be those pigeons stuck on window stoops
Al Qaeda literally means to go to the bathroom
Believing Bin Laden attacked is your first doom
You really believe that man made all them tapes
IF you do might as well go play with the apes
My windows used to be shut
Every bitch I seen I tried to cut
Come here ho lemme see if your really a slut
Once your down and stuck in the rut
You really start to question that hut
OR maybe you dont like the terms lets say roof
Either way attacking the wrong country what a spoof

Drink that bottle ...in the mode of full throttle
If you claim a party... then your laughs are fake smarty
What is this man talkin ...VICTIM get to chalkin
Yes i mean your FUCKIN self... take it off the shelf

REALIZE that your showing the wrong way of pride
Seems only a few is SHOWING the change of tide
Your laws blindly you pick and unwisely abide

Lyrics 2
Lets go now and look at that 5 sided building
Took em a while to show you victims what a shady dealing
Your brain & heart is what their stealing
Too make this happen you urself paid quite a schilling
Or maybe when those jets hit them towers
Bet you Osama in the white house taking a shower
Heaven and hell smells funny must be an ugly flower
NObama bush clinton they show you fake powers
You really think 1 man runs your entire land
Force feeding you shit everday from the same hand
While the string pullers are out sittin in the sand
Ask for real answers and RESPECT is what they demand
When the fuck is has it ever been wrong to question
Hint brainwashed since kindergarten first lesson
Fuckin politics crooked just say buy shit quit messin
My brands are better no mine are bitch stop stressin
Pentagon how hard is it to find names in that flight
Lucky for you masses cant see blinded by the light
Wrapped up like douches in the wind thats right
So whats war when you dont even know who to fight


As it goes the more it seems like im really pissed
Stupid sheeps wake up see it happen YOUR dissed
Tired of fuckin all night and day never been kissed
Finally caught on and trying to show what we all missed
So how many will get it and go find it before to late
OR you gonna be proud we killed innocents out of state
When ur problems is ran by a pic of animal CHECKMATE
Look at the caught lies spoke by all the heads of state
Bush cant even pull in his driveway oil is everywhere
Clinton yes you hilary no blinking whenever u stare
Obama just show that backbone that alone will take air
People wake up & see middle east has MAS petro if u care
Finally I get it and I wanna shit it but called crazy
You show pride when we execute others purely amaze me
Youd hate to be invaded told how to live you and family
O you already are "patriots" but people wont see way too hazy
Americans doesnt mean color but they make you see it that way
When you start questioning they orphan ur ass make you a stray
Would it be fucked up if I told you they knew of towers since may?
Made to think we are the super duper uper uber mah fucking greatest
People dying out of country but gun laws needs to be the latest?
NYPD cant even shoot u point blank your the bullets need to stray less
Wake up and see you can control home switch off power turn it back on
Before the alphabet boys are sitting n plotting on ur front lawn
Think TVS boring yes it is its more fun to point blame and yawn
Your in bed with a nasty hooker she wont leave when YOU finally c dawn
FUCK YOU man your a conspiracy nutcase or maybe satans spawn
Tell the judging big ass herd dont want to be a leader or to follow
Truth is nasty, mean, Flight 93 is pure shit is better than hollow
Once u see who killed members of our family its a hell of a swallow
HINT for all learn not yesterdays mistakes or the shit hustle of TOMMOROW


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