Why Didn't You Appreciate?

by Kimberly Ferguson

Why do men wait till it's too late?
After you done wrong
Now you want to record a song
It's too late
It's no hate
You didn't appreciate
Now she may move on
She's trying to be strong
You were wrong

You should believe
She may leave
Learn or she
Won't return

Why didn't You appreciate?
After you done wrong
Now you want to
Record a song
You were wrong
I try to be strong

Why can't you see it is hurting me?
How could you throw it away?
Do you think I will stay?
You chose to play
Now I may walk away
Hear me when I say
Why you got so much
To say now?
You better pray now

I don't wanna go
But it's hurting me so
I hope you will grow
Next time you will know

I want to know
How could you hurt me so?
I don't wanna go
My friend's say
I should walk away
Deep down
I wanna stay
Don't wanna throw what we had
You deserve another try
You're a good guy

I will stay
I will stay
What we have is great
I remember our first date
I love you so
What you gonna do?
I will stay with you
I am glad you will stay
Baby I am not gonna
Throw it away
Next time don't play
I do appreciate
I have learned
Trust is earned

Boo I love you
I will always be true
I appreciate you
I need you in my life
I love you my wife

Tonight is the night
To get it right
I don't wanna fight
Never wanna let you go
I love you so
Sorry I hurt you
Please forgive me baby
I was going crazy

I forgive you
I don't want to fight
Not tonight
Let's communicate
And appreciate
Remember the day
We met
I will never forget
The kiss
It was what I reminisce
And miss
The old day's
They seem so far away
Like yesterday
Remember baby?

We got too much
We can appreciate
You and I
If we try
Your my guy

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