Why Did Things Have to Change? please help me improve these lyrics!

by Help

Together, 24 hours, 7 days of the week
I used to talk to you about anything
You were always there for me
That’s how things used to be

Strangers, that’s how we started out
Just another face to me
Just another body walking down these streets

I used to hear your name around
But couldn’t pick your face out of a crowd
You meant nothing to me
I never thought that you’d become the other half of me

But then that day came around…
Bumped into you in the middle of town
Turning around to apologize
That’s when I saw those eyes

I wanted you as mine

Closer, that’s what we became
More and more every day
Told you everything

Finally, your lips met mine
I didn’t need anymore signs
I needed you for the rest of my life

Happy, for those few months
Everything going my way
Then that day came
Why did things have to change?

You held my hands and broke my heart
I couldn’t take it, didn’t want to part
Why so suddenly?
Why did you have to kill me?

Now, I see you walking down the street
You hide your face from me
I don’t even want to relive those memories
Because even though they were great
If I go back, it may kill me

Why did things ever have to change?

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