Where'd You Go

by Tyler Falzone

Where'd You Go

Verse 1

It hit me so hard
The feelings felt overwhelming
I had to hit restart
So I'm sorry that I couldn't the their for you when you needed me
I just can't bare the weight that's weighing me down
I hope you understand
I just can't see myself without you
Processing all the things that have happened
But can you blame me
For trying to move far away from here
Starting over because love hurts
It cut me deeper then you imagined
So don't start with all this effort crap
It hurts seeing you falling apart
But I gotta pick myself up
And put the pieces back together
I promise maybe one day we can be together
But what's done is done
And the damage is dealt
So please let me regenerate
I know these songs are corny
But it's the only way that you'll listen
So let me words hit you
Let me cover up every emotion
Let it face my problems
Because I'm to weak to be dealing with this stress
It seems like forever
So just come back home
Do I have to get on my knees
And beg you back please
I can't deal with these deals unless I have you by my side
I can't stand to see you cry
I'm a bridge and your the fire
It seems everything's collapsing

Verse 2

Can we hold each other up
Or all did we do is bury each other farther
You left me floating across a thin plan
Hitting myself to regain pain
Emotion isn't something I seem to be feeling
But you leaving was the last straw
I'm picking myself apart
Trying to find myself back on your brain
Or a way into your heart
You took back the key and changed the lock
So now I can't get back in
It's a shame because I loved you
I would of done whatever
But it seems you didn't think the same thing
I'm tired of dissing
But if it's what it takes
To show you all the wrongs you've done
We weren't picture perfect
But we worth the frame
But theirs no trace
Because it's all shattered
Glass and novocaine
Taking shots to numb out the pain
Sometimes I think about those days
Better days but all I can see is rain
You were once my sun that tried up all the pain
Now your the rain causing so much pain

Verse 3

Where did you go
You said forever right
Well it seems to short to be what you promised
I know I have my wrongs
But I can't doubt you anymore
You wanna put the blame on me
Better safe then sorry right
You isolate everyone out
I walked out and I'm never coming back again
So don't take it out on me
When your the one who chose to close out me
And leave me by myself
So when I'm with her
You can't help but say sorry
Because you were my everything
And now we're just strangers
So how does the flame burn when your not the one conflicting pain
I'm whole again

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