when the world crys

by jamie
(omaha Ne USA)

castles they may crumble dreams they may die and your eyes so full of wonder these story's full of fairy tales the happy ending everyone wishes they had i'm only this way casue I know what the world is really like full of pain
dope dealers
murderous crimes
the world cant you see its crying the rain as it falls from
up above it is the worlds tears,
my heart is torn knowing someday soon you'll know the truth from lies and some people with more money then i'll ever see and their still not happy those numbers in your bank account are no reason for cheaten on her money don't solve everything if you
gotta change who you are
then why live cause your livin
a world of lie's but wait isn't that what everyones doing,
I was never meant to be so lost and neither were
these who see what the world really is
the world is crying out but only few see it
we live un a cold cold world like when the devils takes the breath out of a baby's noes

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