"What you can't Change"

by Cody
(Fort walton beach, Fl)

I won't forget the way you left me
It's forever in my mind
And your sorrow will not help me
Move on with my life
Cause there's nothing
That could ever make us
Who we want to be
And what you can't change,
What you can't change is my mind.
(verse one)

And I know you couldn't love me
Cause you said you couldn't trust me
Due to the mistakes I put Behind
I put my heart on the line!
And you crushed it!
You can't change that!

So take, take, take all you want
There's nothing left of me
To get the Best of me
You'd have to go back to that time
When all you needed was to see my face
We'd talk for hours face to face
And our hearts would stop at nothing
To make us want this more
But you know------
What you can't change is how you lied to my face!!!!
(verse two)

As we go our separate ways
I hope that you find what you want
You can't change who you are.

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