What Happened To "I'll never let you sink"

by Selena
(San Diego, CA)

Don't runaway
Don't push me away
Cause your the best damn thing
That's ever happened to me

Your love shields me
Don't tear down the walls
Please don't
Don't expose me

My heart is like a ship
Don't be the anchor that sinks it
Our love won't float
It's still hard to control

This heart of mine formed by
The wretched and divine
You'll tear it to pieces
Cause I know that's
What you'll do

Don't break away
My heart is still repairing

All those feelings that I'll get
They'll pent up they'll hide
I can't control the demon
That hides inside

Open up your eyes
Can't you see that I'm drowning
I knew you'd be the anchor
The one to make me sink
I can't believe I fell for the whole damn thing

Am I a fool or
Am I just a tool
I can't control what's inside
The demon that hides
Wants to say hi

You used to be
The only place I'd
Rather be
But that story ended
All last week

Oh sunshine
You left my eyes
Now I'll strive to
Seek the one that hides

Somewhere in the
Depth's of me
A demon hides
Its breaking free
All because you let me sink

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