Wasting Time on You

by natalie avila

Why can't I make up my mind, all I'm doing is wasting time on you, you ruined me but I still have this feeling about us it'll never come true there's a distance between me and you. Can't make up my mind my thoughts are going blind spending all this time falling for you, I have better things to do I just can't stop thinking about you trying to resist you is the hardest thing I've done, I need to stop wasting time on you, things will forever be strange when I think of you us it won't be the same. I could've had you once but now I'm letting you go. Why do things change? And never stay the same. Its just a matter of seconds I stop wasting my time on you , locked in a mental stage, my mind says its just a game but its more. I'm done wasting time on you!

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