War of love

by Curtis moses
(Capitol heights, MD, USA)

It's a war of love, in my heart baby I can't stop it, it's taking control baby. Mmhm it's a war of love, can't you see it, it's killing me baby(yeah). I'm holding on for dear life, but you have to meet me half way. It's a 2 way relationship(baby). You got me crying through my soul, I'm trying to hold, but I can't because I'm too much in pain.. But your love is so strong, it got my soul crying , for it(baby)

Hold me close, (it's Killing me) never let me go
It's a war (it's a war) of love baby
So hold me close (hold me close) and never let go

War of love(war of love) war of love(war of love)
War of love(war of love)

I'm crying I'm crying baby, please stop the war, I'm begging you, from my knees I don't wanna be said no more(baby) Mmhmm Mmhmm (baby) im so sorry baby oh please please baby, please stop the war in my heart, I can't stop crying, I'm on my knees baby (yeah)

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