Walk on Water- Toye (Prod. By Timbun)

by Toyese Oyeleye
(Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria)

Intro: If thou cant walk on water thou art no better than a straw
If thou cant fly in the air thou art no better than a fly
Conquer thou heart that thou mayst become somebody

I don't need no floater (I don't need no floater)
If I can walk on water .
I don't need no floater, I don't need no...

Rap: Gimme a pen let me write(right) my wrongs
Gimme a beat, put my mind in words.
They call me church boy cause my rap overflow with d words of an everlasting God
Well, I'll admit it im a new breed of soldier
Camouflage to display my persona
He put breath in my lungs
So in my last gasp I'll think back and thank for the love
A lifetime hearing (Impossible)
A dope gospel rapper? (impossible)
Preach truth in the new school
You love God and you look cool
Bet you didn't know, but the boy new
Looking fresh shouting "Gods got me Yo boy what bout you?"
They hate cause they cant do what I do
You put your faith in God I bet you can too

Listen, One time for my brothers
One time for the real MC's
They say God work wonders
You want proof? tell em look at me
Bad news trinna flood my timeline
But got grace like a tsunami
God's got me covered I stay unbothered
Yo hommie! I can Walk on Water.

And at the end of the day
When the chips all down and Na only u dey
Would you say that your life was worth that living
Or would you say that your living was vain
I just sit and relax because enu o se
What you done in my life see I cant salaye
It's more than my might
Too much to describe the wages of sin no longer rule my life
Ambition now you want it all oh
Like tete you just wanna try your luck oh
Like, lil God oh, lil world oh
A lil mix of both what a good combo
But what you don't know you no fit mix sale oh
We talking big bucks e no be retail o
You either all in or you falling right back to the vomit that you crawl in.

I did this song for y'all
I did it so you can understand this
My God so great so great his words move mountains
One time for the godly ones, two times for the ones they call rotten ones
But he can do more, yeah you can be sure he'll be there when you think you worthless
I hope you understand.
I hope you understand
His grace has changed my faith
I cease to be the same
Everything is possible, its possible.

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