VinceWestMusic, Writer, Artist, Seer, "GratefullyAlive".

by VinceWestMusic
(Stockton CA, USA)

Durango Songwriter's Expo! Attending is as though I were walking into a stately Hotel Parlor of Many Pasts, taking notice of all those visiting before, presently & after... and with a sigh... acknowledging their smiles accompanying the vast benefit of a Millennium's Wisdom on their lips.
Sorta' like a "Hotel California" LIVE EXPERIENCE...
Attending any Durango Songwriter's Expo is as though viewing sunlight through a crystal cut prism enveloping my being... only more similar to having stood in a rainbow's mist where she touches earth, clothed, if but for an istant, in eternity's glory. Music takes us there, should we let her! Messengers visit there often, should they see to truly trust her! And I... Well, I choose to live there, in my senses for as long & as often as possible... "Where Durango Is"!
"Coming soon, to a heart near you!"


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Oct 02, 2015
True information is shared NEW
by: Hfgbsd

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Jul 10, 2011
by: VInceWestMusic

So... I'm writin' this draft for a tune. It's 2:12am & I've just awakened! I turn on my computer & start collecting words & phrases in my Masterwriter program... and, <<< BAMM>>> it hits me... there are today, meeting throughout the year, & every year, a really talented group of folks who, "way over the top", put up & put out, musically & professionally. These folks who frequent Durango Songwriter EXPOS & events, tend to foster exponential growth, as if by some super natural force, insistantly raising the bar on excellence, as writers & creators in song craft. Durango consistantly provides Writer Expo's, in settings & locations with accomodations so refinely intimate, that you miss rubbing shoulders with no one in attendance... You end up so closely connected to everyone that you'd think you were just personally invited & attending the (50th) Golden Wedding Anniversary of very close family members, without concern for growing older. Just a full blown celebration of life, musically, with each attendance. Each Showcasing Hit Writer, & every Producer, Publisher, Plugger, Mentor, Vendor, Attendee, Volunteer & Staffer, authentically encourage, support & reinforce "Gold & Platinum Label Living"... And well... all these very special folks, "they can't help but absolutely turn your stage lights way up!" Better than fully loadin' your covered wagon, EXPO Attendees will just flat out... "FANDANGO, YOUR DURANGO!" DURANGO, COMIN' SOON, TO A HEART NEAR YOU1

Jun 15, 2011
You Rock Vince!
by: DSE

Thanks for your continued support Vince! SEE SOON!
--DSE Gang

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