by U.R.Nutts!
(Ozark, Arkansas)

U.R.Nutts! is a American pop punk band that got all their inspiration from Blink 182, Plus 44, Angels and Airwaves, Sum 41, Green Day, and Simple Plan. They are very outgoing and aren't afraid to stand out or be the voice of the people. As a band looking up to Blink 182 and sounding a little much like them also aren't afraid to have fun on stage either. The band consists of Brandon and Brenton Sullivan; Two twins fighting their way to move up in the music industry since they first touched a guitar during their 9th grade year. Brenton the guitarist and Brandon the bassist always looked to talking about what needs changed in the world, break-ups or get together, or just joke songs that built a lot of attention during their performances in Arkansas and Mississippi.
Being only 21yrs olds looking for a chance to shine, they had numerous of people come and enjoy their music from place they never thought would even think of coming from. Their life isn't luxurious or full of lights like NYC or Florida, but is very epic in their book. They are skateboarding punk heads trying to make a name for themselves. U.R.Nutts! doesn't have a drummer but they hope that a record label or something would help them with finding one, but with their raw charisma I don't think they need one. They put one of their latest songs on DurangoSongwriter and it's called Voice of a Dying Girl that has to do with a little girl that was getting abused by her parents. Their album they are coming out with is called H.O.P.E and it's going to be awesome. Their hoping that this website will help them big time and connect them with people that would love to meet them and hear their sound.

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Nov 13, 2013
:) NEW
by: Anonymous

I'm actually looking forward to listening to you guys lol. I'm from California and its like we lost a lot of the classic punk feel. If y'all guys could bring back the old and good stuff that makes a girl want to jump out her clothes then please do it because I'm tired of this All Time Low crap lol it's getting insane

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