by Andrew Lipton
(Langley bc, canada)

Do not disturb

Waking up at 530am

Missed out on being a kid
Now i’m making kidish decisions
I can't sleep stomach tied in nots
Wonder if i'll ever the knott
Sometimes i get so sad i begin to think weather or not
When D Od'd is when you left, while I tried to keep everyone together
Dunno why i'm still trying
Maybe I'm doing it for her
But everyone says I do it for me
Hearin voices in my head i thot
but never crazy just another thot
Dunno if Ill make it out alive or not
Tryna write the realeast rap of my timge or nah
Just want people to notice me or nah
Im screamin but no one start to notice me
I gotta find a better me
I gotta relax and take a knee
Before im tearing myself down
I need someone to bring me up
But when everyone out here tearing you down
like isis
You start to get cold its like ice is running down your back
you get the chills Like that first date shit
Im starting to feel a lil bit of the pressure shit
Boy that money give us pressure
Should i go back to the one i started with dunno weather or not i could stomach it
Too much complication to pickup from where leftoff
Gettin pissed off when people say they got it tough
Did you know your parents or weather you got another brothers or sisters to look out for?, or weather or not you'll make it past the age of 50 or nah
I was always too lazy to notice it or not
But now it got me thinkin...
Don't wanna be out here tankin
Stay moving militant
Dont wanna be out here spiralin
A slippery slope We was so close
Knew you couldnt be clearer look you dead in the face
Now we dead in the face, i dont trust ohh whats his face no more,
guess he’s loosin out
but I can't be loosin my face right now, I just lost my last girl,
They tellin me all this is normal
Guess we'll have to wait till next year
Winters gonna be cold I guess i'll just need to wait for the real her to come through
Come take a look not crazy just a little anxious inside
When you loosin is when they vanish so I must still be winning, keep it coming I'm still famished
Stop blowing up the phone I aint one of your nex'ts,
guess i'm just another x on the paper
Even when I'm at home I can feel the pain on paper
Can't believe I put you threw that
I had to be unloved by you,
just to feel the cold cold from outside,
to feel how warm you cared inside
can't believe that's how I ended it
now im throwing out
Just like i did to us baby you had to let yourself go
Might have to do the same and let go
pops keep tellin me nooo son You still got more than half your life to run
When you have it all is when you aint noticin
But when you scroungin for scraps tryna make a move
It's hard but you gotta stay in your lane
But when no out here even knowing my name
Threw down for you all the last few years
Was it to much to ask for something a little different?
People will tell you they run for you but when you see them cuttin corners your start to think about cuttin off
And then you becomin the number 1 public enemy
Got more enemies the friends these days
Had to reach around your back to see what you got behind your back these days it's hard to trust a bro these days
You stay hidin like it's winter time
Felt like i've been taken granted for
wheres the love and affection all gone these days soo far gone these it's hard to keep up these days days It's soo hard to impress these days
i just wanted to take her home to undress
Scary to see how fast they turnin
They flipin quicker than burgers on the grill
You know i like to be barbecuing on a day after work
Seeing my mom in another accident got me hurt
Too far away for me too see on a daily
Baba and grandpa are still doing well on a daily
Heard they wanna move to a smaller home
It's funny because it's the only home i've ever known
Shout out dj klinick boy he clinical
always thought I had it figured out
But when thank yous turning into fuck yous
It makes me wanna plan another route
I think fall is coming back
So now it's time for yall to fall back to school again where you pay thousands of dollars again to try and graduate for something you aint even in love with cuz mom snd dad said theyd fall out of love with you if you aint even going
Me i just did it with hardwook good people and a lil luck
I think its time for yall to grow up and graduate,
No hate over here so do not disturb

I'll be back youll just have to wait and see

Thank you all for being patient with me

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