by Kevin Beckett
(Hammond Indiana America)

I got creativity in my mind and I express it through my rhymes
Everyday I be on my grind but I give it to my god cause it ain't mine
Not a penny or a dime I don't own my lines but I still rap loud like Sunday chimes
Jesus Christ he payed my fine so I ain't gotta do no prison time
Listening time y'all understand just try to hear me out like a marching band
He's the holy savior the great I am and because of him I'm a brand new man
No quick sand don't drown me out I don't care if I ain't number one don't count me out
I got what I need So no reason to pout this is what I believe without a shadow of a doubt
Take another route so I ain't late I don't want him to be waiting he's just too great
He's the key to my fait can't wait to go to my new home up I'm the sky some day
Sunday Monday one day who knows when can't say that I do I can't pretend
But I'm careful 'bout the message I send ain't no regrets no tears shed
I don't want no he says she said to tell the truth I just wanna be blessed
And escape the mess that I'm in wanna kill my sin and Finally rest
So I confess I ain't caught up in a lie he's the great divine he won't let my sin slide
So I'm living unashamed and I let him take the blame for the big change in my life style

It's all worth while when you work hard it ain't luck you won't always pull the right card
Or Get the best part but the best part is that the father god he made you a brand new heart
Better than the one you had to start with better than the one you'll depart with
But you only want perfection if it ain't art you don't want no part of it
The whole thought of it makes me nauseous I don't Want all this I'm trynna be cautious
But I rock this track my sin is in the past I don't care if I don't pass this contest
Cause my conscience has been cleaned I don't see no red I ignore all the green
No I ain't got no greed I work for free cause I see clearly
No loss no gain no pain no shame no reason to pay for my mistakes
Cause he already did it so every time I sin he pays the bill I get daily
Going crazy for his greatness need him now cause I just can't shake this
Lust in my eyes try to ask why he gave me these thoughts that I have in my mind
A whole new kind of world that I live in no hate and no temptation
It's perfect and it's all him so the struggle down here is worth it
I'm working to please Jesus cause without him I couldn't be this
Man that I am today so I'mma try to praise him cause I'm living unashamed
Yeah I'm unashamed
Okay I'm unashamed
Uh I'm unashamed
I'm unashamed boy I'm unashamed
Boy I'm unashamed boy I'm unashamed
Boy I'm unashamed boy I'm unashamed
Boy I'm unashamed boy I'm unashamed
Boy I'm unashamed boy I'm unashamed
I'm so unashamed man unashamed of the gospel I live to tell the world about his glory

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