Two Girls with Guitars

by Caitlin/Sidney Powell
(Evergreen Colorado)

Caitlin & Sidney Powell are from the mountains of Evergreen overlooking Denver Colorado, these singing/songwriting sisters have been gaining recognition in the Colorado area for their individual original soulful songs, pumped up with strong vocal harmonies and engaging live performances. They frequently perform both as individuals and together, delivering outstanding harmonies while providing their own accompaniment on acoustic rhythm guitar. Singing from birth they learned to play guitar as pre-teens while living in the Carolina’s. Now at the ripe ole’ age of fifteen and twelve they have recorded and have copyrights original songs, filled with catchy hooks, a rock-folk feel and a touch of influence from living in the deep south for a decade.
These sisters continue to make a name for themselves as strong and versatile live performers playing their original work and a variety of popular cover songs.
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