Truth is stronger when put to music!

Judy started composing her own songs at the age of 3. After many teachers, she decided she knows music in a way most don't understand & came back to this childhood passion, as a composer, that plays by feel or ear.

To Judy's credit are many new scriptural verses/songs, conveying lost messages thru the ages. Now they are here to open minds to missing messages that solve a puzzle.

Great fulfillment comes from listening to the inner spirit that knows you best & shows you the right path for you.
Never doubt the indwelling spirit for good. "Follow the Holy Spirit & you will have success." Mike Schlegel founder of &
(Independent Distributor) Great products & home business!

Judy has found great expression in composing music. Don't let this love die in your life, even if no one understands your way of expressing it.

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