Trump the Chump -Ariel Delgado

by Ariel Delgado

Hello there, Mr. Trump. I gotta question, sir? Do you really wanna make America great again? Or do you wanna break it again? You talk the talk, but you can't walk the walk? You gotta flock of Trump supporters, they think you're going to stick to your word, but the truth is you can't, just can't. They chant "Trump4President!", you rant about doing good, you plant your 'truth', you talk about it till you pant, when you see it as an army, we see it as stormy journey, you ain't nothing, you might have the money, but the funny thing is, you don't got a sunny personality, you got the honey to back you up, what'd you do? Did you overdue it till she agreed to it, a thank you and a shoo shoo? America looks at you as a joke, when you see that you choke, the folks of the great America know what they're talking about, we poke at you and you refuse. The American goal is mandatory, we wanna keep it at a good story for Morning glory and the top News Story and keep the big ol chump Mr. Trump from faking us and digging us into a quake. You think you're doing good, but you make America ache, you got junkies, wealthy and normal's waking up on a Monday to leave the country, it's happening monthly, it's ugly, and there's no way to bungee back, it's funny, you're really power hungry, we all see it, you reek of it. You turn the cheek when we say that, that ain't true, is it? You leak out bs about the ones who oppose, calling them weak, freaks and sneaky. It's about time someone gets speedy and beefy and talk up to the big Mr. Trump, that's gonna be me today.

Mr. Trump, you're more orange then my porridge, you talk about having a big dick, no disappointments, no doubts, you shout bout it, the truth is it's a tooth pick, look at your hands man, we don't need to look at your hands only, you insult and talk, acting like a cave man, you're a real hack my man. i'm the dog and you're the mailman, you think of a plan to avoid me, back up man, here I am with the woof woof and you're their throwing the latest brand to the man made machine, running away in the span of a minute.

Here we are, you're the man backing up ready to shoot, thinking it's all a hoot and prepared to take the loot and ready to take the route back home, there you are with your polluted ego, you off shoot then you dispute about the issue. All you do is argue and attack respected Americans, you're arrogance is what's helping Clinton, adorable, squint in, you're losing, you're choosing this and inevitably bruising what you got left, it's abusing your supporters, the Mexicans cruising ready to take out your dream, we're fusing together to give you the ultimate diffusion, so far it's confusing, who's gonna win? The chump or the pump? We holla at you but you stand there acting like a baller, but really, you're smaller then the dollar I got in my BACK POCKET, you're army's startin to become a bunch of crawlers, might as well buy them some dog collars since they already listen to your every command, there they are, hand in hand canned in your rallies, banding together saying "Make America great again!" minds stranded, thinking they know you like their back hands, the stand off giving your 'grand' speech. What happened last time? The "rapists" chiming and giving you downtime? Time for bedtime, we're more powerful then you think, give us the showtime sometime, is it a crime? Big time you think, blink my man, there they are, syncing together taking a drinking and a wink to each other yelling "You stink!" . Do we need to put it in ink for ya? We giving you a warning, by Morning you'll be mourning about how immigrants should be deported, truth is immigrants are dilligent, innocent and vigilant, but you fail to see the limitless power they got, we're giving the dissonance again Trump, his insolence will meet the imminent end, very villainous, thinking he has omnipotence.

The significance in length is great, giving you the heavy weights to date for the last 8 that are required to end you, we're straight up tired and ready to serve you a plate. Here I am rhyming, speaking against a man bigger then me, has more money but is also more scummy, you got a crummy attitude, something that cash can't buy is the clash I can't inside me trying to keep you from creeping and sweeping a win, the love I got is above you, sort of like what you thought about your 3 wives, I need to give you a shove, you might have money and the people, but I got people I know better then my backhand, I'm a tanned kid busting up some rhymes, giving myself hate, we'll see.

Mexicans got the real excellence in succeeding, we'll show you the blow to your core, meeting your inevitable k.o, giving you the big N to the O we'll flow in and show you you are slow, you're our foe till the end, I'm just a kid giving a cost of living and unforgiving message, standard of living, this will be misgiving in the future, some big ass message for a dude thinking he's got a blessing, thinking he's progressive and expressive, you're really aggressive, pressing wreckage on America, so depressive I fail to watch CNN, you're guessing if you think you know me, you'll know me soon enough, you're obsessive with an excessive percentage, am I impressive? Don't pop a blood vessel.

-Ariel Delgado Spanish/Son of immigrants
Remember the name.

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