tried me

by Emtkraa
(Namibia )

My gang really never tried me

My gang really never tried me


Yeah,who tried

Who tried me,yeah
Who tried me,yeah

I'm over thinking
These niggers complaining
I'm tryna get famous
But these niggers keep moving
Hate all this shit
Is making me go crazy
These niggers is fancy
The devil keep jumping me
Don't know who would order this
Is making me go sick
Am about to start a fight
Hate some of the girls

Who tried me, yeah
Who tried me,yeah


Hate all my problems
This niggers go try it
But they really never tried me
They don't know I set them free
They tryna be me
I don't jog at night
They call up the gang and it will go real
They tryna be me
But they set it up for me
When I hope out the car I will be famous
Show you some tricks
And they say "Hot damn he is a full

Who tried me ,yeah
Who tried me,yeah

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