Treat me like somebody - Remixx by Robin aka barbiee

by Robin Leshay Ingram
(West palm beach)

"I remember when I was with you"

"When you told me you wasn't like the other niggas I dated and the past I looked in your eyes in told you I believe yo ass"

"I never knew you would turn out this wayy"

"Whatever you heard that's a shame, cause they all want to take my place"

" I didn't understand that you would leave me but I guess you prove too me that you wasn't the one for me"

" But I really felt bad for you so I gave you another chance but I tried and tried to make you stay"

"The only thing I want to know is why you hurted me this way, can you tell me what I did too you for you to play your games on me like I was your play station 3"

"When you couldn't keep it real with me"
"Why you have to tell your homes that you didn't want me"
"Why you had to play with my heart, i know we was falling aprt , so when I asked you why you just couldn't be keep it real with me from the start"

"You told me that I wasn't that girl you met at the park July 17th"

"You stop having feelings for me cause your ass was talking to more then one bitch on the scene"

"Nigga don't ever come for me cause your low life bitch would never Be a bhadd ass savage like me " 1hunnid.

"Since your bitch is your dream I hope she got money cause when uyou see me on T.v don't come no where near me asking for money "

"Oh in one more thing ... Tell yo bitch to get like me (3)


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