by Kaleb Alexander

( MAIN ) I need a transporter, fear of planes
and now i can't do anything...

*this is the real world, so you may think.. that everythings gonna workout for ya'... well it wont, unless you face your fears...*
( RAP )
I try to keep it inside of me,
but it seems the harder that i try to be,
what im not,
the harder it is to stop,
its like i got myself on lock,
from a life of fear theres gonna be tears,
oh please stop screamin in my ears,
ive had enough now,
and i dont give a fuck wow,
but i aint gonna throw in the towel,
i told you imma stand my ground,
and the truth will be found,
im done for now,
but ill be back to admit what i feared then and now,
its comin back around im gonna bring you down.

( MAIN )

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