by Ambient Vale

The sky is turning grey,
So many things are out of place,
And my sanity is running thin,
Show me a sign to rid me of my sin,
My testimony has turned their eyes,
To the one who deserves their worship,

He sits on his throne in heaven,
And watches you all blaspheme him,
Shame you should feel,
Soon you shall kneel,
He’ll wipe you all out,
And save the ones that left their old self behind,

How do you feel?,
Knowing that your very maker has condemned you,
For your evil and wicked ways,
Your tendency to twist and change his words,
To pretend what’s wrong is right,
And what’s right is wrong,
You’ve all lost your minds,
You shouldn’t fear when your maker judges you,
For it is only what you deserve,

We live in a sad world,
Who is blinded by their arrogance,
We must fight,
To tell them the truth, no matter what they say against us,

You use excuses like, “it’s up for interpretation”,
And you say, “live life at the fullest and follow your dreams”,
But one day, you’ll lose all your riches and your fame,
Your nice car and nice house,
‘Cause death will reap you of it all,
And send you straight to hell,
I’m not hating, I’m speaking the truth,
But I understand if you don’t want to accept the truth,
After all, you’re all meant to burn with your sins in the end.

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