To late for you

by William Walsh

I heard you came by to see me.
I didn’t have time for you.
It was you who said you’d leave
Sooo what should I do

You didn’t care about this pain caused by you
And now you think that I should talk with you??
it’s too late to do, something I thought (that) you knew

Now I can see this whole big world
With my life that’s new
I will Love so many girls
But I will still think of you

You didn’t care about this pain caused by you
But again I will have to play the fool
I will talk to you, one more time is cool

It was such a simp-iler time
I was yours and you were mine
What happened?, we lost all control
We felt feelings that we could not show
And in the end you decided to go, oh no, to go…

Lead solo

Girl, where did we go wrong?
Were you waiting too long?
I had to keep on playin my songs
I turned around, you were gone

Now I have that life that is all new
My music has pulled me through
It might have been with you
And now I have to say we’re through
We are through
Yes, it is what we have to do

Back into the lead solo and fade

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