To ALL my baby mama's by james cook

by james cook

This Goes out

ALL My baby
Mamas sorry for
aLL the drama's

my Baby's
To all my baby baby mama's
I didn't mean to
mistreat you beat
you down an defeat
walk away an desert
To all my baby Mama's
sorry for all drama's

because I did n't
love ya
an i really don't
deserve ya
is it to late to make it up
to ya
To all my baby mama's
I'm sorry for all the dramas

we never seen eye to eye
so let me appolgize

All i did was Cheat an lie
in the Club getting high
i throught i was a wise guy
tailor suits an bow ties
I Guess was to fly to
stand by an watch you cry

To all my baby mama's
Sorry all the dramas
To all my baby mamas
I was on the down low
with your best friend yoko
just want you to know
To all my baby Mama's
Sorry for all the dramas
We use to rap on Black planet
Yoko was sex addicted it was like
automatic she just had to have it
sorry for taking your love granted

To all my baby mamas
sorry for all the dramas
to all my baby mamas
yea x2
so Now yall wanna take me
to court for unpaid child support
lady's never sale yourself short
sign papers at Divorce Court
Now have so much remorse
I throught I was never gonna get
This goes out to all my Baby mamas
sorry for all the drama's
To all my Baby mamas

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