by Janet D.

There're days where it'll rain and days that'll shine.
Oftentimes, we lose track of time.
Time's a dimension that we don't feel,
but when we're hurt, it's there to heal.

Time is ticking! We're racing against the clock,
and as we age, we're all in shock.
Time flies oh so fast,
so might as well make the best of what we have last!

We question: why does time fly?
We can't see it through the naked eye!
We are alive, we laugh, we age.
Time works wonders and we're amazed.
We all try to stick to the same page,
yet when we're angry, we rage, feel irate, enraged.
We feel like our bodies are all just a cage!

Time makes us feel strange and old;
however, we feel young at heart and in our souls.
Time passes day by day,
and our feelings for the day just go away.

There are things that hint to us an indication,
but at the end of every life, there's some sort of eradicatiion.

In the very end,
our bodies and the ground mend.
There's no way we can win against this strife;
We just wait and raise a new generation called "life".

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