this life

by david
(lecompton ks usa)

they say lighting never strikes twice
but i wont take any advice
cause i touched your heart of ice

lying on this sidewalk bleeding life away
did you hear the dream was over did you feel it slip away
dont tell me no more lies
just look into my eyes

i cant stand being faceless anymore
in my mind i know that im poor
all i need is hope and direction
i guess i just have to make the first connection

I finally found my dream of fame
soon the whole world will know my name

And when at last you've come
To show me how it's done
I'll greet you
With a heart so strong
I will gain the power
Make the long nights all ours
I'll be here
In the morning sun

all in the comming years
ill cry a million tears
will you lend me a hand
just to help me understand

The moral of the story's simple
The moral of the story's clear
If you want to make money
You should get away from here

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