these words

by matt raines

These words( These words that u say why do u gotta say im worthless if I fight and I show im worth it and u still say im worthless well dont judge if im only trying to be worth it im only saying these words beacause they need to be spoken if I didn't fight id be in the gravesite every body is expecting perfection well ima give my all and I will not fall so bring on these words I will battle every word that u throw at me like im unstoppable theres nothing in my way to stop me from succeding but there's one thing that stops me from achieving what im dreaming so here Im believing that these words u say aint deceiving In my beliveing if u dont think ima succed in my goal and u predict that ima fail ima show u that ur prediction is going to be a failing success cuz im unstoppable like the words u say aint gunna keep me from achieving so im not gunna hesitate im gunna battle till I evaporate )

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