The Team

by Brandon Sypherr Timchuk
(Winnipeg, MB, Canada)

It was 1990 when they blissfully met, they fell in love hard and they fell in love fast, two years had past and there first son was born, was so unexpected but they did there best for there family of three,

they both were new parents but they both worked hard to get what they need, four years later there family grew from three a baby boy was born that baby boy was, Me,

through all that time they grew together, there love never changed and there love is forever, they met as a teen and they built there own team, they put the walls up for there family,

three years had passed and there team grew again there new baby boy joined the team to lend a helping hand, they tried there best to give to there kids no mater the price they did there best to provide what they did,

more time had passed and they had to more children another boy and little girl just for them, it's been twenty-four years since the love has connected, twenty-four years later and they never regret it, twenty-four years later and there love is still forever, and the love from day one is the love they still have for each other,

now there kids are growing up and two are adults, I know one day we will all go, but I just want to say that your team will never let go, and that is one thing that you both know, one day your grandkids will ask how you met and the first thing they will hear is "it was 1990 when they blissfully met, they fell in love hard and they fell in love fast"

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