Annual Durango Songwriters Expo Converges on the Santa Ynez Valley: Durango Calling

From Santa Barbara Independent Article - Annual Songwriters Expo Converges on the Santa Ynez Valley: Durango Calling

Thursday, February 28, 2008

"...Over the course of a single weekend each spring, a collection of music’s upper echelon retreat to the Santa Ynez Valley, where both emerging and established songsmiths have the opportunity to gather some valuable insight into the current musical world and their own, individual pursuits. Each year, the Durango Songwriters Expo offers its participants the unique opportunity to explore the dynamics of both the creative and business sides of their craft. And in so doing, songwriters glean a good deal of firsthand insight from some of the industry’s finest...

Chuck Cannon "'I have been doing this for a few years now and it's the one thing I look forward to every year,' beamed Cannon. 'I have managed to win a few new friends up there--and even a few new fans. But, most importantly, at every single one of these events, I have learned something new...Above everything else, I just love hanging out with songwriters. I really enjoy seeing a bunch of people who are interested in learning the art and craft of songwriting. And I really enjoy seeing them work really hard at being better at what they do.'" —Chuck Cannon

Tony Scalzo

"'I would have doubted it, sight unseen,' laughed ["Fastball's Tony] Scalzo. 'But, since I have now been to a few of them, I have noticed there is a very strong bond and a great community feel to it. We're all songwriters, and we're all there because of that, and for me it is kind of an ego stroke. I have been living a fairly normal, domestic life here in Austin, Texas, so it's really great to get out there and get inspired.'"

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