The Paradoxal Horseshoe

by Jake
(Virginia, U.S.A)

Verse 1
Louder than a riot
Trying to be so quiet
The ensemble walked across the street
To go and take another seat
The eleventh time waiting for the sun
Waiting for the last to come
Come on, this is gonna be great
Pack your bags and don't be late
This all means nothing to me
Nothing to see under a microscope
Not even with the bare eye
So don't you even try
To pick through it like a litter of pups
Or drink it from an antique cup
Verse 2
The corporal made sergeant on the first of June
Celebrating to an Indian tune
Some of them haven't seen the truth
Don't even bother, it's just no use
He's looking down as you walk across
You should avoid him at all cost
And tell him to get lost
Verse 3
I'm wondering how you've been
Won't you come see me, Jen?
Inspiration has no limits
Hesitation and quickly end it
So don't be afraid to send it
Rules were made to bend them
Just like the river of life
On a cold, dark night
Verse 4
Even time can't tell what's up ahead
So you'll just have to wait instead
Climb out of the pool of illusion
The chemicals are causing confusion
Life is dull without a spoon
Just like night without the moon
Kiss your knuckles before you swing
Guess what, hot shot? I didn't feel a thing
What does this all mean to you?
It's just a paradoxal horseshoe

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