The Moment

by Alex Garcia
(United States,Cali)

we all know it's hard
Even the ones at the top
You didn't get there in one hop
Not everyone can rap
Let's all have a laugh
Fame, we ain't getting in that
For that you need to
Spit your raps like their you're last
Everyone has a chance
It's your choice
To get a map
And find yourself and to be able
To learn and adapt
To this generation we've been brought in to
I think it's cool
Especially when there's people who don't have a clue
They have a chance to
Strike at you
pause the world
And take the moment
To grab a hold of it
Steel it yourself Before it's stolen
It's your time to own it
I'm grabbing tight yea I'm holding
I said drop the beat
But it fell down to my feet
All of these rhymes end up clashing
Fell past the ground and burned to ashes
If I could I would record my self
But I can't do it without help
I need a beat, and microphone
Every night in my home
I write what you're reading
That i don't need help with, that I do alone
I dream big
No small thoughts
But my this path is steep
At least in not lost
And for that I thank god

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