The Life by Trizzy

I use to be bad , I use to talk back .
And now that I look back I was just a little trap saying crap that never made me snap.
I snap back like a crab.
When I was a little boy I was ungrateful now I'm faithful.
I will rep Jesus to the day I die on my grave.
When I have tough times I snap back, just snap back, snap back till I don't even got a back.
All these niggas rest in the pees now I'm blessed with the beast.
When I got the rock in my hands nothing makes me go back .
I keep striving to be a better man day by day.
My father always use to tell me ur the man that wakes up and looks at yourself in the morning so just be u. Since that I been being me and keeping it OG.
Never had a great pops but I made my momma proud.
Untouchable on the court can't guard this cause I am an artist.
I keep grinding and striving to have a good future so I keep tuning to this Future and soon this Future will be a tune that my future children will tune to be.

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