The heart part IV

by Jeremy hernandez

Verse 1
I live haunted by death of my peers in Chicago;
I live every second thinking about them,Lord thank you for another tomorrow;
I know that's part of life,Your obstacles made me blossom;
I was a small seed, But your lessons made me become more humble;
I grew roots, and became wise,my growth in character was awesome;
My comprehension of life became stronger, My spirit became softer;
All my life I've been searching for answers and I finally found them;
Like,what does the good and the evil both have in common;
Both started as the same concept but eventually went their seperate ways;
One took the right path and the other just entered a different space;
A space where the gravity of the situations are all the same;
Meaning it was all evil, Now this is where good comes along with Change;
I can't believe my beliefs were blind sided and Almost lost my faith;
There's always gonna be good and bad days, I shouldn't take the blame;
Rest in Peace to those who passed away, I hope you got an admission to enter the gates
I hope one day we can see each other again, Meanwhile In my heart you'll stay....

I finally came to my senses, My ideas are relentless;
What I got from common sense is, That I love what I have,Just know that I meant it;
My passion is mines and I can't lend it, My path of good is straight I don't want the bad to bend it;
This is a letter to the lord I hope I can send it, I need your help can you lend it;
Yea, Can you lend it?
Lord please let me know...

Verse 2
This is the first time in a while I'm confessin',The first time in a while I'm expressin';
I'm willing to learn more about life please start your lesson;
Let me get my book and find the right section;
Let me get a paper for notes, I'm ready lets start this session;
Please don't throw test at me I'm not ready for all those questions;
The obstacles of life is hard to explain even if you're a reverend;
Only you know the answer so please teach me,Don't be stressin';
Let me start,Why is suicide more common during adolescense;
Why is our mentality victim of opression and the prey of depression;
How come the system thinks we're victims of Neglection;
Do they even pay attention? The hood is full of poverty and hood tension;
Everytime a cop shoots at An African american or Hispanic,how come racism ain't mentioned?;
It always has to be un-intended, We know your intentions;
Please explain? I can, Cuz Ignorance is bliss;
That's all for today thank you,class is dismissed;


Verse 3
It all hit me,All of a sudden I was facing my revelations;
The hood didn't fit me, I gotta face my trails and tribulations;
I feel like my mic is on trail just for having a voice;
My parents don't understand the feeling of joy;
Knowing I'm killing with the pen, If Society want to keep acting blind I don't have a choice;
The feeling is the opposite of rejoice, This is for my momma who's eyes were always moist;
The city was tough on us, But no matter what I know I'll always be your little boy;
I'm not ashamed of what I'm growing up to be, I promise i'll make you proud with my talent;
For the people who made us suffer, Lord knows we makin' their ominous smiles vanish;
May the force of Nazereth be with the women who put them on this planet;
Thank you god for another chance of life down on earth despite how early lucy had planned it;
I guess my wise leaves do pay off, Life is what you make so make it right, I'm well planted;
The meek shall inherit the earth, My roots are well soiled, Hiiipower our minds are royal; Very well loyal, Our lives are well spoiled;
The miracles of life boy am I lucky to have that, Thank you God;
Before I leave I want to give ya'll some bars from the heart;
Not about Money,Bitches,Drugs, gangs and cars;
It's about the power of our minds, We can exceed expectations;
I'm tired of hearing the same old songs,Change the station;
Don't talk Just Do It, Don't waste money on gold mics and ignorant celebrations;
Use your conscious to spark new Ideas to Change the world;
Skys the limit but our minds expand more than the norm;
It's quite fascinating what you can accomplish by a simple goal;
A simple Goal, A simple Goal in life...

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