The Greatest (Prod. Armvndo)

by Conspiracy

The Greatest (Prod. Armvndo)


I'm no new guy so this isn't freshmen year
Take you back to the last couple of years
I've been in and out of depressional states
Dealt with some unfortunate mistakes
Lead a path that most don't dare to take
I even danced with the devil on a couple of dates
Some people don't understand the quality of the life's
And how fast their taken
I've seen many die young
To many to have seen the light
Not enough people who made it past their first couple years
I'm a man of honestly and truth
I lie and sneak like the rest of you
I'm human and I accept that
But what you may see doesn't tell you what's in between
So don't judge another person before you take steps with them
Build a connection to strengthen the reception
Because they truth may be heard
But swallow that fear because you gotta live like your never gonna get another chance
I write these words opening up paths to different dimension
Each sentence different
each line like calligraphy
Un wind to find the right cure
I got vaccinations to cure hate
The world spreads in my veins
I breathe off living on music
And if I'm not the greatest then tell me who has taken the crown
I've sat among some of the elites
and it's nothing special
No heart or soul
Just a bunch of morons with limited goals
Dreams about the bitches and the ice
Money driven men dining on lies
With not a pocket of cash or a car that speeds fast
Guns and drugs
most of the suckers don't do what they speak
They lie for a check just to eat
Their as hungry as a homeless person in the streets
Covering up to look like they make millions
Instead of showing us how their really living
While they rest of us keep it 100
Who struggle hard taking orders and making food
Work 6 hours a day to get money to eat
Finish school to get a degree
And still deal with the average amount of problems
When money's tight they just kick a false ass verse
Get paid and go back to spending a K
I imagine living large dreams to so I can't front
But my goal is to make a better living situation for me and my family
A real thug helps others not pretends he's the greatest
Gets the whole hood outta problems
Real men take actions and not problems
And the girls these days selling their bodies to fill wanted
A thousand cuts deeper then paper
Just so they feel something real
While their boyfriend is fucking other women
Just so he feels he has self worth
This day and age we don't even go out on dates
We kick it at the house which isn't a bad thing
Until all it turns into is "Netflix and chill"
Can't spend a moment focusing on better things
We're so driven on the sexual phases

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