The Feeling

by Tristian Lowe
(Corydon, IN, USA )

Hello depression my old friend,
I've come to visit with you again,
And try to stop you from coming back,
from pulling me down.
Into the depths of
Madness and insanity again

Maybe I'll regain my sanity when I beat you
I've made mistakes but I'm not the only one,
I don't have to live through this hell and Agony
(Verse 2)
Life is a cruel thing,
You can survive like me and my friends
You know what
It doesn't matter
It doesn’t matter how many
Scars are on your arms
Or how many pills have been swallowed,
But what does matter is
That you have survived
And surviving is being able to grow stronger

My sanity has been growing without you,
It slowly comes back until you re-appear
Then the memories of the past come back,
Then it starts to dissolve

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