Expo Goes Hollywood! — Make A Green-Screen Commercial

Monahan Video

Hey guys and gals, this is mrJack here with some cool beans. As you know, video is a hot promotional medium, but everywhere. These days you have to be very clever and very quick to get your viewer's attention. An old buddy of ours, Scott Monahan, has taken a cool and effective approach to promotional video by creating green-screen "teasers." They're commercials, really. For you, for your music, for an event.

The Expo is teaming up with Scott at the Santa Ynez Expo* Feb 25-27 to start the making of a little DSE montage video/commercial. So you'll get to see Scott in action.

Talk to Scott if you are interested in this approach to your marketing. We think it's an exciting new way to find new fans, listeners, followers. If you contact Scott in advance of the Expo, you might even be able to start your own "teaser" while there (or be in someone else's)!

Contact Scott at: monahanmusic@me.com

*Here's what we did!