"The Answer To Your Prayer"

by Stetson Monroe Prince
(Puxico, MO USA)

If every moment is broken, is broken then it's already to late. But the answer of faith gives us the light to point us to the valley of unbroken wings, I'll walk with the glory of your great name, this isn't a world broken hearted it's a new world of forgiveness, waking up on Sunday, walking through the doors of a place full of praise, I want to be that feeling that answer to your prayer, when the sun goes down I sit out on the tailgate and look up at the sky, lightening up with lights from that football field you left behind for something good for your Lord, watching the lights dim out makes me remember the times of what I could have changed to score that touchdown that I would look to Heaven and give to the one person that made me who I am today, my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, blocking out the noise of the world screaming a million times, but God your the answer to my prayer, nothing else matters when it comes to you. This is the moment that your wish that one day you could see me, now my past could see the future of me, but the Glory of God does not show the future, he plans it in his own way, he's the answer to my prayer.

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