That's My Name (bow wow)

by Bow Wow
(new york city)

hair nappy but i'm happy pocket full of doe
from the c-o representin so-so
these girls recognize and these haters do 2
i'm the flyest thing walkin through junior high school
so make room next 2 ya little backstreet posta
cuz bow wow's here and it's over YA HEARD
i'm this i'm that i'm all of the above
and the big body shot gun ridin on doves
iv'e been seen with the baddest heard with the best
and i got it locked down from the east 2 the west
look at my eyes ya know i ain't playin
that's y all thru the sreets all i hear haters sayin is
(bow wow wow yippie yo yippie yay)
now the gate's wide open and it's i who they runnin from
lil wit' the ill crossover like iverson
in 2k thangs my way like 2 drop first 2 drop im alway's seen in the middle of the G-Shop
like B.I.G and Pac im hard 2 forget
what makes it even worst im just gettin started
yea that's me
(bow wow wow yippie yo yippie yay)
now u know my name is Bow Wow

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