that girl is homemade

by james cook

That Girl is Home made
Sweet like Candy Cane
Smoke it Like Mary Jane
She my Conferted though
tha rain O Baby Got it Made
O.G in Escalade more Ice than
Ice Capades That Girl is Home made
On the Block Like everyday
Shorty from around tha way
Greens eyes an thick Thighs
ass like apple pie Stand about
5 9 Baby girl is one of kind
That girl is home made
all up in the Kool ade
Red light at the house party
she my EJ She my 40
she my shorty she down get
That girl is homemade
when I get lonely she'
my tender Roney She
Down when I need a homey

That is girl home made
Baby Girl Hold me she chooses
me show me, how much ya
want Daddy

That Girl is Homemade
Cleanser than Casade
smoother than fresh new fade
lay back cock tails lemon ade

That girl is home made

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