by Adebisi crown

We join the angels sing in heaven
Wr cry aloud as human on the earth
We hear there voices frm the waters
They too proclaim from underneath the earth saying...


Talodabiire laye lorun
Talodabiire loke nile
Talodabiire everywhere i go
Talodabiire kabiesi

Tani tani oh ..... Talodabiire oh3x
Talodabiire kabiesi...

All tree and plants they bow to you Lord
Sun moon and stars in there courses wonkigbe
Angels and the 24elders wonpariwo pe
Talodabiire kabiesi..

Tani 8x........ Tani oh
Tani 8x........ Tani oh
Tani 8x........ Tani oh
Talodabiire kabiesi

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