Taking Canyon

Taking Canyon is a brand new alternative/rock/pop band that formed in the summer of 2011. They are excited about what they feel is a new and original sound that they are trying to bring to the music scene. They're interested in trying to expand as much as they can and play as many shows with different bands as much as possible. Their main goals are to have fun and make music that everyone can enjoy, dance to, and sing along with!

Website: www.takingcanyon.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/takingcanyonband

Twitter: www.twitter.com/takingcanyon

Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/takingcanyon

Booking: (720) 366-5429 ~ geck24@comcast.net


As the frontman and a founding member of Taking Canyon, Jeremy seems to have found his niche. After years of bouncing around the Colorado hardcore, metal, and acoustic scenes, Jeremy decided to head in a different direction musically, and what he has found is something pleasingly different, something powerful. Confident and kind, and armed with the ability to hit a broad range of notes and melodic pitches, and formulate catchy vocal hooks, Jeremy has taken his musical vision and made it a reality with Taking Canyon. Very articulate, and a strong poetic composer, Jeremy writes songs that offer different takes on love and life, and he sings them with an honesty that allows the crowd a look into his heart, and can sometimes make it seem as if he is singing straight to theirs. Utilizing his different musical and intellectual influences, Taking Canyon has become a vehicle for Jeremy to blossom as a vocalist and a songwriter, both instrumentally and lyrically, and the two seem to be a match made in heaven.

Another of the founding members of the band, Joe has taken his musical experience to a higher level with Taking Canyon. After a solid experience in the Colorado acoustic scene, Joe teamed with Jeremy with a vision of creating a powerpop band that would combine all of their musical influences into something they could call their own. Joe loves music and it is apparent every time he picks up his guitar, whether at practice or at shows. Channeling his emotions through each chord he strikes or each unwavering note he plays, Joe brings a charisma and flavor to the band that helps ignite their music. Funny and kind, Joe acts as a glue to hold the band together, and is constantly looking for ways to improve both himself and the band as a whole, pushing the band to be better and maximize its sound.

A fixture in the band, Dan has been on board since it all began. With a myriad of different musical interests and influences, he has the ability to get a crowd in the palm of his hand with a catchy, poppy beat, and then suddenly stop them in their tracks with a powerful blast beat. Dan is the perfect complement to the melodically driven sound of Taking Canyon, and he gives each song its own taste with his ability to make creative beats and impose his will on the rhythm of each song. A calming influence within the band, Dan makes sure no one ever gets too high or too low, offering a degree of levity essential to propelling the band forward. He loves to have fun, and Taking Canyon has given him an avenue to express his musical interests to the best of his ability.

A mindful and extremely talented guitarist, Steve is constantly on a mission to play every note perfectly and every riff or progression precisely. With years of experience and a drive to utilize his musical abilities successfully, Steve has taken the band to a higher musical atmosphere. His screaming riffs and wailing, yet catchy solos allow the audience a look into his soul, and the passion he plays with is infectious, both for the band and the crowd. Steve loves having a good time, and every time he is on stage, he shares that with the crowd and his bandmates, helping to create an electric atmosphere around the band.

The newest member of Taking Canyon, Zach has become the perfect addition to the band. With his smooth, yet powerful bass lines, he has become a catalyst for Taking Canyon’s sound. Despite the significance of this contribution, he still brings more to the table. Extremely creative musically, he has begun assisting in the writing process and, utilizing his innate sense of rhythm, has given a broad warmth to the band's sound. A gifted musician, Zach has quickly become a key member as the band looks forward, the future looks bright with Zach in the picture.

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Oct 04, 2011
Re: music
by: Taking Canyon

Hey Michelle!

Thanks for the advice! We appreciate every little thing people do to help :) I would be more than happy to send you our demo we recorded a few months ago through mail, however until then you can hear oour music in a variety of places! We have our own website www.takingcanyon.com and you can also hear it on a few social networking sites:


Also, you can follow us on twitter! www.twitter.com/takingcanyon

Much love,


Oct 04, 2011
Best Regards
by: Anonymous

Hey you guys, I wish you all the best, i write music and will do back up vocals. The best thing you guys can do is befriend anyone that works with your local radio station. As they always say its who ya know, our talents should come first but i think ya know how it works. Can i hear some of your music, i'd love to atleast hear it. You can maybe send me a copy to 107 E Santa Fe, Oakdale, LA. 71463. Thanks, Michelle

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