Sweet Home Alabama for State Line Mob

by Phillip Crunk
(Muscle Shoals,Al)

Phillip singing with original Lynyrd Skynyrd

Phillip singing with original Lynyrd Skynyrd "Honkette" Singer & songwriter Jo Jo Billingsley

This is the short story autobiography I guess you could say, lol at least as my story as a songwriter & my point of views. To start off, my name is Phillip Crunk. I am from Florence,Al (The Shoals)& I am also the lead singer & songwriter for the duo group i formed with my wife,"State Line Mob". I started writing songs at a very early age as a kid. But I can remember the very first one that I thought I had really done well on. It was a country song & I was in 8th grade. And being heavy into rock n' roll, yeah it was kinda odd that i would start off in that genre. I guess i was thinking traditional & it was an easy structure for me to follow as i was trying to teach myself. I paid attention to all genres of music & how songs were structured. And still to this present day,the rhyme scheme works brilliantly for me & so does the verse chorus,verse chorus,give me a lead break & chorus out. It all depends on the story,the tempo & over all feel for the song as how I structure a song. Sometimes I may go out into left field & someone will say,what? But then they will say,i don't know how man but it works, lol. Someone might think they know it all,oh they've been to school they'll say,they've took theory,well theory this!! Sometimes a song doesn't have to be by the books or any certain way at all. It's yours,do what you want to with it,is what I say. Now keep in mind,it does need to make sense, lol. Ask yourself,is your songwriting for fun & for your own self pleasure or is your goal to be a professional successful songwriter. Hopefully you answered both.

It was really hard for me to move forward quickly writing songs because at the time,even as a teenager,I was a full time drummer & played gigs on a regular basis with various bands country & rock. Even though my efforts always were there,It took me going ok,Ive got a killer beat to this song & a melody in my head but I've got to learn another instrument or I'm in serious trouble. So,I self taught myself to play the piano,since this was also an instrument I was already familliar with & my parents had got me a small yamaha keyboard for my birthday in 7th grade.Also growing up as a small kid I tried learning on my grandparents piano. So within about 6 years after deciding this was my only choice of action to take if I wanted to professionally write songs & sing them,which was my goal,I developed my own style & started writing songs that not only made sense to me but made sense to other people as well & naturally my songs started having a commercial appeal.

Of course like many of us,I had a mentor (my Uncle) that I paid special attention to who was a musician & played almost every instrument there was,guitar being his main instrument but he did play piano & was a great songwriter. Although I was never physically taught by him,just watching him I learned so much. In the past couple of years I've had pleasure of singing with legends such as Jo Jo Billingsly,original "Honkette" backup singer for the group Lynyrd Skynyrd back when Ronnie van Zant was lead singer for the band. She's a great singer & songwriter herself & has a new album out. If you visit our myspace page http://www.myspace.com/statelinemob you will see Jo Jo on our top friends. Please check her music out. And If you would like to check out my songs go to our official wwww.statelinemob.com website & listen to my songs that's on our cd "Ruckus". Heck,we want even mind if you grab a copy lol. One of my earliest of best songs that I wrote going back to 1999 is on the Ruckus cd. It's titled,"Baby I miss you". It was always a favorite song of mine & others. I hope you enjoy it,the whole cd of song. There's more to come I promise! I've enjoyed writing this bio & I hope that it has been enjoyable for you to read as well. Now,lets go make some music shall we? Sweet Home Alabama !

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Aug 31, 2009
Howdy Phillip
by: Anonymous

Howdy and welcome, Phillip. I write honky tonk music and here is the first time I've heard the term "honkette". Learn more each day, I suppose.

regards, Larry W. Jones - Kingwood Kowboy

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