by susiprasad

prasad was born on feb 2, 1993 in india, and was raised in hyderabad, who worked a series of low-paying officials...During his childhood, prasad was interested in singing and lyric writing; he often kept his musical aspirations to himself.

Gonna knew de world as a pop singer.

And to think, I still have to get around to R&B and country singers!. Pop is a wide term, though it's considered to be short for "popular," pretty much everyone has accepted the idea that it also means something slightly different, a kind of "hook-filled" arena where songs stick in your head regardless of where they fall stylistically. Sure, Shania Twain is a country artist, since her songs appear on the country charts, but they also crossover to the pop charts and anyone's who's witnessed her stageshow would have to say it has as much to do with Kiss as it does with Dolly Parton.. In some ways, this is my favorite genre, since it isn't a genre at all! And I'm now wondering too, how I left Jessica Simpson off this list? I didn't think I had anything against her!
Sorry, Jess.

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