Survival is Basic

by KK

No problems
The Movie, starring KK

Verse 1
Welcome to the main feature
Witness the evolution of the creature
Third born to a grafter and teacher
Year 1 I was fighting, opponents were asthma and seizures
Father praying to Allah, Mama pleading with Jesus
I learnt to breathe
Two bed, ten deep man we learnt to squeeze
Old man started sipping and tripping so we had to leave
Had to dip
Cause any other day he could sip and flip
Around ten whole life took a shift
Time with the parents from then on was in shifts
Adili found Hip Hop and our lives took a shift
Cause of music him and Dad had a rift
Rebel with a cause so he didn’t give a shit
Nigga One became a legend at Yo! Rap Bonanza
Clashed with other crews til they formed up to Kwanza
One of the game’s fathers, at the heart of everything didn’t get to see it further
Gone in an instant
Before I saw my bro I felt the impact
And when I saw my brother didn’t think my heart was intact
I felt detached
Separated by age, but our stories on the same page
So when I touched the mic the first time I raged
Lang’ata sold out I was ten years old
By the time I hit my teens I was rhyming stone cold
Til life hit the breaks in 98 walking in the room to the news they would relate
My big homie, my mentor, my Dad was gone
Shattered my heart but I knew I was blessed with all the times alone
I felt ready for the world and we globetrotted to the LDN, decade plus a story in itself
Chapter cut short Mom worsening in health
Kept it to herself, so we could focus on ourselves
So we can focus on the books
Last time we talked, told me to get the masters whatever it took
Mama I made it, your young boy went to SOAS and graduated
Mama I made it x 2

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